Upgrade Condition

  • Reliable: biz qualification verified
  • Professional: focus on one specific service area

Website VIP Privilege

  • obtain CLN outsourcing client
  • obtain $800 marketing fund
  • personalized mobile website
  • free contact web resource
  • top remark as reliable member
  • top recommend in member search
  • business resource group mailing
  • speaker on CLN weekly salon

CRM VIP Privilege

  • obtain CRM software as gift
  • CRM integrated member directory
  • CRM integrated service provider
  • instant talk with client
  • personalized client management
  • market promotion by group mailing

CPN Inner Cooperation

  • global cooperation alliance
  • classified member directory
  • one-to-one CPN secretary
  • CPN meeting and event
  • inactive member filter
  • CPN integrity expansion

CHINA PROFESSIONAL NETWORK ("CPN") is a close-knit, high-level cooperative union composed of every VIP member of CLN. CPN members are selected, reliable, professional, capable and well-financed CLN members. Within its most qualified and focused business area, CPN member not only serves CLN’s outsourcing client but also benefits from inner close cooperation by mutual client-referral and resource-exchange.

When creating business opportunities for each other, the CPN members become associated and backup one another in their business operations. Upgrading membership from CLN to CPN is an effective route by those who are seeking to extend their services to the vast China market, yet retain their own independence.

A CPN member benefits from CLN+CPN function listed below:

1. Exclusive assignment of CLN’s outsourcing client:

CLN’s outsourcing business, sourced from visitors, is to be assigned to most suitable CPN member according to its specific business area and geographic region. By bringing you new client this way, we also ensure our client get professional and reliable service and eventually obtain a referral commission in the transaction.

2. Marketing as VIP member of CLN:

As a VIP member of CLN, CPN member benefits from CLN's VIP marketing promotion, such as online weblink, instant chat, group mail, top recommendation etc. A CPN member is to be instantly notified when a CLN member posts a business resource which fails into its specific business area and geographic region.

CLN hosts weekly business event. CPN member is key speaker at CLN event where they can promote their business extensively and intensively. We aslo allow CPN member put company brochure and advertisement at our event free of charge.

3. Close cooperation between CPN members:

We strive to bring all CPN members into active client referral and close cooperation. This integrated cooperation doubtlessly facilitates CPN member’s client service, as well as enhances their capability to access major projects and significant clients.

Instant Resource Spread by CPN Secretary – We stay close contact with each CPN member to instantly spread business resources among members. Efficient resource exchange will definitely bring new cooperation opportunities for each CPN member.

CRM Software/Mobile APP Integrated Member Directory – All CPN members are listed according to their professional area and territory. The CRM integrated member directory facilitates mutual contact between CPN members, also enable the client easily search and instantly speak with a CPN member whom thay are looking for.

CLN Weekly Salon and CPN monthly Meeting - Meeting in person is the best way to build trust and discuss business opportunities. CLN provides weekly salon and monthly CPN meeting to gather all members into face-to-face networking.

Mutual Promotion and Virtual Office - We encourage mutual business promotion to assist our member growing excellent, qualified and unmatched expertise in its business area. Shanghai based CPN Secretariat also provides virtual office and virtual secretary for oversea members who do not have a local presence in China.

We periodically remove inactive member to ensure our cooperation to be efficient. In any event, CPN tends to be involved in multilateral, China-related transactions that require coordinated services across multiple jurisdictions. With CPN’s inner cooperation and CLN's social networking, access to the wide range of additional resources and professional support offered by worldwide affiliates will enable you to focus on your core services and markets, while using the resources of CLN+CPN to compete more effectively and confidently, as well as take advantage of association-specific, new opportunities that were previously out of your reach.

CPN's annual fee is USD 280.

Please upgrade to CPN membership after login.

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